Thursday, 17 November 2011

I hate calories

I'm still feeling awful about my trip to Greggs and I actually feel too physically sick to even work out properly. I've just look up the calories in the pastry that I had - 320. The doughnut is even worse - at least 400! So I've absorbed at least half of those due to my at least 350-400 for something that I didn't even enjoy. Great.

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  1. Hay, thanks for following my blog :)

    Im sorry to hear that you have gained a little, the cause is likely because your body has entered starvation mode. Only eating 600ish cals a day will send your body into a state where it saves as much energy as possible and lowers its motabolism. Meaning you might be eating a lot less but you wont be losing weight as one might think. You might see better results if you up your calories to 1000 a day.

    The best results I ever got was when I alternated days, one high calories (1200 min!) and then a low calorie (800-1000). Ive found these help control the binging sessions because I can treat myself on high days and the zig-zagging stops me from platuing.

    Sorry if this sounds a little lecture-ish, just tell me to shut it :D.